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Tunes: Larger List

Here is the Large List of Chunze for those who want more than the short list: reels, jigs, hornpipes, slip jigs, polkas, slides, waltzes/planxties, single jigs, mazurkas, flings/germans, strathspeys, and barndances/marches.  These are not ALL the tune-types, of course, just the one’s most likely to show up in sessions.  Click on the title to learn more about the tune, get it in ABC format, listen to MP3s, and look at PNGs, gifs, or PDFs. Search for tune titles in the search box (upper right blank rectangle).  This site will not have, nor do I intend it to have every tune there is.  This is a site for learning some of the more well known tunes, and a few lesser known ones. Of course, if you have a tune you’d like to see here, let me know.  I’ll do what I can.  Information on many of the tunes below has come from a wide variety of sources, but the work of Andrew Kuntz of The Fiddler’s Companion and Traditional Tune Archive, Alan Ng of Irish Tune Info, and Nigel Gatherer of Nigel Gatherer’s Traditional Music, Jeremy’s The and all the folks posting there, have been of immeasurable help.

If you want to print out the dots, first open the score on a new page.

 Larger List of Tunes




Slip Jig




Single Jig


Fling / German / Schottische


Barndance / March

update: Feb 16, ’15 @ 06:21 CST


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    Wonderful site! Thanks to all whovare involved.

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    Wow.. Thanks!

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