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Off to California (G)

The hornpipe “Off to California” is #859 in O’Neill’s 1001 – that is, O’Neill’s Dance Music of Ireland (1903). O’Neill apparently heard it in California, and gave it this name.  So, unlike many other tunes, this one has only a couple of other names.  The origin of this one is unknown as well, though it may have been popular in Ireland prior to the twentieth century, lost some popularity, gained popularity in America, and then been transferred back to Ireland.

If you want the ABC for this tune, click Off to California

Off to California, slow tempo (whistle, Turlach Boylan)


Off to California, slow tempo (flute)

Off to California, slow tempo  (whistle with bouzouki)

Off to California, slow tempo (flute with harp and bodhrán)

Off to California, med tempo (flute)

Off to California, the dots

Off to California

Off to California

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