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Out on the Ocean (G)

O'Neill's 1850

O’Neill’s 1850 (1903)

This jig, “Out on the Ocean,”  is sometimes played in A rather than G – on Planxty’s After The Break (1979), for instance.  It is a great tune played either rapidly or slowly.  It seems to have been collected first by George Petrie, whose collection is available online. His best known collection is entitled Ancient Irish Music (1902),  and is from his collecting in the mid-nineteenth century.  This tune shows up there as “Bucks of Ahasnagh.” Jack Campin identifies “Out on the Ocean” as one of many variants of the Lowland Scots tune “The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow,” which was originally a women’s spinning song.  This tune is #795 in O’Neill’s Music of Ireland (1903) — called “O’Neill’s 1850” becuase it has just more than 1,850 tunes in it — and the tune is #68 in O’Neill’s The Dance Music of Ireland (1907) — called “O’Neill’s 1001” because it has 1001 tunes in it. The first is sometime also called “The Book” or “the big yellow book,”  the second is called “the other book” or sometimes “not the yellow one.” 

For the ABC click Out on the Ocean

Out on the Ocean, slow tempo (flute)

Out on the Ocean, med tempo (mandolin)

Out on the Ocean, the dots

Out On The Ocean

Out On The Ocean



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