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A Fig for a Kiss (G)

fig2This slip jig is usually called “A Fig for a Kiss.”  Now, people like to speculate about tune titles, and this one seems to confuse people pretty often, given the things posted about it online — not to mention the very different things that are designated by the word “fig.”  However, it’s actually not hard to understand what the title means.  The phrase “A fig for a kiss” is like the phrase “A penny for your thoughts.”  The thing offered is not worth much, a trifle (not the layered dessert!).  It’s a purely nominal amount at any rate, and so the offer is an obvious mock trade, in itself just a playful joke.

A Fig

Fig 2

You could just say “Give me a kiss” or “Tell me your thoughts,” but notice that these sound more abrupt, like a command, while  the former are much flirtier.  Friskier even.

This is another old tune.  It is tune #1174 in O’Neill’s 1850, and tune #438 in O’Neill’s 1001.  It is in all of the major tune books I’ve encountered.  Here’s a link to Paddy Glackin playing Fig for a Kiss/Kid on the Mountain for dancers in 1972.

If you want the midi version, click A Fig for a Kiss

If you want the ABC for this slip jig, click Fig for a Kiss

Fig for a Kiss, slow tempo

Fig for a Kiss, med tempo

Fig for a Kiss

Fig for a Kiss

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