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Behind the Haystack (D)

The tune we call “Behind the Haystack” is no so-called by everyone.  Seamus Ennis, who has an album entitled The Pure Drop (1974), calls this tune “Munster Buttermilk,” and it has been recorded under both names fairly often since then, but there are some very different tunes called “Munster Buttermilk” as well, about six of them!  I have not found a book about haystacks, and what I know from personal experience about them is limited to jumping in them when I was young and spreading them around for horses when I was older.  This is tune #893 in O’Neill’s 1850 (1903), but it is commonly held that haystacks are much, much older.  It is something of a mystery what’s going on behind them.

For the ABC click Behind the Haystack


Behind the Haystack, slow tempo


Behind the Haystack, med tempo


Behind the Haystack dots

Behind the Haystack

Behind the Haystack

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