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This list of chunze is for those who want to pack just an essentials session kit.  There are thirty-six tunes: 11 reels, 10 jigs, 2 hornpipes, 3 slip jigs, 3 polkas, 2 slides, 3 waltzes, and 2 single jigs — the top ten tunes in the world have a asterisk (*) beside them, just in case you want the mini-minimum.  Click a tune title to get information about the tune, the tune in ABC format, some MP3s of the tune played slowly, and a PNG of the dots with some basic chords.  There is also the LARGE list for tune junkies.  I may come up with a medium list some day, but I’m not much for Tarot readings. 🙂

If you’re looking for particular tunes search for it on this site by typing in a partial title in the box in the upper right, on the menu bar. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send me a note. If you want advice on learning tunes, click here.

To print out the dots, open the score on a new page.

The Short List: Thirty-Six Tunes for Beginners




Slip Jig




Single Jig

 If you want to print out the dots, open the score on a new page.

When you’re done learning all these go to the LARGER list!

If you are looking for the files for BASS, BOSS, CKSP, MPSP, SBSP, SCTLS, then click here.

  • These tunes are still under copyright protection.

The information and tunes listed here have an educational and instructional purpose, and should be regarded solely in that spirit.

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