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Humours of Tulla (D)   

The melody was popularized by B/C button accordion player Joe Cooley (1924 – 1973), who played it as the first tune in a set, followed by “The Skylark” and “Roaring Mary.” His is the earliest recording of “Humours of Tulla” that I know of, and the recording is of himself playing in a session.  The album it is on, entitled Cooley (1975), is compiled from numerous session tapes of Cooley playing in various sessions with, among others, Galway fiddler Joe Leary.  The compiler is the fine accordion player Tony MacMahon.  In Irish the tune is “Pléaráca an Tulaigh” and it’s also sometimes called simply “the Tulla Reel.”  The way Cooley plays it there are five triplets in the B part.  Some people play more, some play fewer. By the way, the word “humour” or “humor” in this context does not refer to jocularity, but to the ancient medical idea of the four humours. If you want to know more, go here.


  • D  G  / D  A  /  D  (G) / G   A : |
  • D       / D  A  / D         / G  (A) : |

Humours of Tulla, slower tempo

Humours of Tulla, slow tempo

Humours of Tulla, med tempo


Humors of Tulla Reel

Humors of Tulla, ITM Reel in D


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