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Haunted House (G)

There are a variety of variations of this G Ionian jig, Haunted House, which is becoming popular at sessions.  The tune is from the prolific Galway flute player Vincent Broderick (1920-2008). He and his brother Peter were well-loved musicians, generous with their time and talents.  According to legend the brothers used to explain the origin of the tune this way:

Haunted House

Wyndcliffe Mansion

When they were young they used to ride bicycles to and from sessions and gigs. Late one moon-lit night they were riding home from a rather distant pub session, and taking a short-cut down a dark country road they heard music. They came to a stop. Attracted to the music, they started searching for it, and came to a grand old house all lit up. Folks could be seen through the windows, dressed in fine clothes and dancing away. The two brothers listened for a while and watched the goings on. It reminded them of the stories their grand-father used to tell of the “Big House” days.  They were tempted to see if they might join in, but decided they were too tired.  So they got back on their bikes and made their way home. The next day, still curious about that grand old place, and not remembering such a place in that area, they returned.  However, when they came to the place they had been last night, all they could find were ruins.  Barely noticeable from the road, it was a once grand house, now roofless, with crumbling walls, vines growing through doorways and windows.  When they were back home this tune, which they had heard the night before came on them.  So, they used to say, neither of them could actually claim it.  No one could.  No one . . . except the ghosts.

Though this is not a particularly spooky composition, unlike say, the “Halloween Jig,” it is often played around Samhain [pronounced Sa-Win], which is the first of November, and is the origin of All Hallow’s Eve (i.e., Halloween).  The recordings below are by Glen Pekin.

For the ABC click Haunted House

Haunted House, slow tempo (Bob Midden, flute)

Haunted House, med tempo (Bob Midden, flute)

Haunted House, med tempo (fiddle, Glen Pekin)

Haunted House, the dots

Haunted House

Haunted House

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