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Smash the Windows (D)

Smashed Windows

Smashed Windows

“Smash the Windows” is a single jig, called Bris Na Fuinneogide in Irish.  It is an old one and has become part of a number of traditions: Irish, English, Shetland (Island of Whalsay), Prince Edward Island, American (esp. New England). While the melody appears in the manuscript copybook of English Fiddler John Fife, compiled between 1780 and 1804, it is also in an American Antiquarian Society collection of dance tunes dated to 1800, as well as the manuscript copybook of the American flute player R. B. Washburn, which contains tunes from between 1616 to 1820.  It is included in a number of other dance tune collections of the early nineteenth century, and so has maintained its popularity over the centuries. It is tune #965 in O’Neill’s 1850 (1903), and tune #386 in O’Neill’s 1001 (1907). Some say that it has the feel of a slide, which is true of many single jigs.  The distinction between slides and  single jigs is discussed in my Tune Dictionary.

If  you want the ABC, click Smash the Windows

Smash the Windows, slow tempo (flute)

Smash the Windows, slow tempo (mandolin)

Smash the Windows, med tempo (mandolin)

Smash the Windows, med tempo (flute)

Smash the Windows

Smash the Windows


Alt Chords:

|:D     F#m  |Bm      A | G     D/F# |Em     A7 |D       F#m |Bm            A|  G         A7 |D : |

|:D                | Bm7       |Em              |A7             |D          Em |D/F#     G  | Em7   A7  | D : |

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