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Alabama Rick’s (A)

Mike Dugger and Turlach Boylan

Mike Dugger and Turlach Boylan at Prospero’s Books Sesh in KCMO

This Jig was penned by my friend Mike Dugger, and has been recorded by a number of different folks.  About this tune Mike writes “I wrote the tune in 1997 in my garage when I lived on 10580 Gillette Street, in Overland Park, Kansas. I don’t know where it came from but I had just met Rick Cunningham from Hoover, Alabama at the Swannanoa Gathering and we became, and still are, fast friends. I played it the following year at the Gathering on stage with Roger Landes and Zan McLeod as an opener for the teacher concert and it was a huge hit. It’s currently played a lot in Texas and I have heard from a player in Japan some years ago, that its played over there as well. It’s been recorded by myself, Ken and Peggy Fleming, with Kevin Alewine in Dallas, Texas and a band called Roarin’ Mary out of Virginia.”  Thanks for the tune, Mike!!

Alabama Rick’s, Medium

Alabama Rick’s Jig, Fast





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