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Rakish Paddy (Dmix)

There is a two-part version of “Rakish Paddy,” a three-part version, and a four-part version.  This one is #1533 in O’Neill’s 1001 (1907). The two-part version seems to be the oldest.  The two “extra” parts were composed by Michael Coleman.   Seamus Ennis thought that these additions were “in keeping with its theme” and so endorsed them as “an achievement . . . endeared to us all.”  Tommy Potts plays the four part version on his album The Liffey Banks.  While it can be played fast, this reel is pretty wonderful when slowed down a bit. It is in Dmix, and has both C naturals and C sharps, so stay alert.  For accompanists, notice that though the tune is in Dmix, the first chord is a C (or some C-based chord for those who like Trazz).  You can hear a recording of this tune from c. 1904 by going to the Dunn family collection of O’Neill Cylinders, called “The Francis O’Neill Cylinders: Thirty-two Recordings of Irish Traditional Music in America circa 1904” and then looking at cylinders 17 – 24.


Rakish Paddy, slow tempo




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