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Humours of Tullycrine (Ador)

This hornpipe, “Humours of Tullycrine,” also has a version called “Bobby Casey’s Hornpipe.”  The latter is played by Kevin Burke and by the Castle Ceili Band.  It has a number of variations, including some nice reel versions. Bobby Casey (1926-2000) played it often, and learned it from his father, John “Scully” Casey. The liner notes on concertina player Mary McNamara’s first CD Traditional Music from East Clare (Claddagh Records, 2011) report that Brendan Breathnach collected this tune from fiddler John Kelly (see also, Brendan Breathnach, Ceol Rince na hÉireann, vol. 1, no. 205, 1963, p. 83).  Currently, the tune is called “Humous of Tullycreen” in some tune books and  “Bobby Casey’s Hornpipe” in others.  Tullycrine, in Co. Clare, is a summertime resort town, and as is typical, contemporary resort towns were once venerated for their healthful atmosphere – their Air, Water, or more generally their Humour.


/ Am   /     / Am  G / Em   / Am      /         / Am  G / Am   : |

/ Am  /     / G         /          / Am  G / Em   / Am  G / Am   : |


Humours of Tullycrine, Slow tempo (mandolin)

Bobby Casey’s Hornpipe,




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