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Miller’s Maggot (G)

The single jig “Miller’s Maggot” shows up in some tune collections as a slide – some tune collections don’t even have a separate single jig category.  As for the title, it is often repeated that the word “maggot” is from the Italian magioletta, a type of dance.  I have also seen the following, or something […]

Child of My Heart (Aaeol)

“Child of My Heart” is a single jig, #1095 in O’Neill’s 1850 (1903) and #395 in O’Neill 1001 (1907). According to the Fiddler’s Companion, the tune was picked up by Capt. Francis O’Neill from John Ennis, the piper and flute player from County Kildare who had himself gotten it from a nameless player who was […]