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The Old Favorite (G)

Kilfenora Ceili Band, Clare Ceili

Kilfenora Ceili Band, Clare Ceili

This popular jig is from co. Clare.  Sometimes called “The Clare” or “The Club Céili Jig” and played as a slide, “The Old Favorite” is sometimes referred to as a “jiggy slide” since it can go either way.  Usually played in G, it can also be played in Gaeol for a very different feel.  As for its name, there was a working class pub called “The Favourite” on Holloway Road in North London.  It was open from 1964 to 1980, and was a popular meeting place for the Irish men working in London because it had a Sunday morning session run by fiddler Jimmy Power and box/piano player Reg Hall – it was so popular that it was said “you couldn’t visit London without stopping by for a tune!”  Power would call up musicians he’d recognize to play a few.  The session could last until the afternoon.  One result was that many wives were none-too-happy with their husbands for skipping dinner (i.e., lunch). Packie Manus Byrne attended that session sometimes as well.  The pub was the location for the much-loved live field-recording Paddy in the Smoke (1968/1997) – well worth a listen.

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The Old Favorite, slow tempo


The Old Favorite, med tempo (fiddle, Glen Pekin)

The Old Favorite, the dots



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