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Chase Me Charlie (Amix)

This slide, “Chase Me Charlie,” is in O’Neill’s Music of Ireland (1903),[1]  but first appeared in print in 1816 as a fiddle tune in Jack Kopstein’s World Book Of Military Music and Musicians under the title “Cock of the North.”  Surprisingly, this tune has coarser connotations than the one above, as this title comes from a lewd little ditty sung in Ireland, Britain, and Scotland, called “Chase Me Charlie (Through the Barley)” or “Auntie Mary (Had a Canary)” – and there are a large number of bawdy verses sung to this melody.  The tune has also long been used as a march by the Gordon Highlanders regiment, becoming their official Regimental March in 1933 (replacing “Hielan’ Laddie”).  On an unrelated note “Chase me, Charlie” is the title of a 1918 Charlie Chaplin comedy.



[1] This is commonly called “O’Neill’s 1850,” since there are “eighteen hundred and fifty melodies” in it.  On this website I will generally refer to it that way too.

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