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Child of My Heart (Aaeol)

“Child of My Heart” is a single jig, #1095 in O’Neill’s 1850 (1903) and #395 in O’Neill 1001 (1907). According to the Fiddler’s lizcarr1Companion, the tune was picked up by Capt. Francis O’Neill from John Ennis, the piper and flute player from County Kildare who had himself gotten it from a nameless player who was reluctant to pass it on. John Ennis originally immigrated to Nebraska, where he taught hid son Tom Ennis (b.1889-?) to play the pipes.  When Tom was hired on to the Chicago police force by Capt. O’Neill the whole family moved to Chicago.  This tune is sometimes played at sessions around here, and is one of JanMarie’s favorites.  Liz Carroll plays this as the second tune of a set (the first is a double jig), track 2, on her A Friend Indeed (1979, reissued in 1995).


Am   /  C    / Am    / C  G  / Am   / C     / FM7  C / Am   G : |

Am   / F  G / Am    / C  G  / Am   / C     / FM7  C / Am   G : |


Child of My Heart, slow tempo (mandolin)

Child of My Heart, med tempo (mandolin)

Child of My Heart, 3/4 tempo (mandolin)

Child of My Heart, the dots

Child Of My Heart

Child Of My Heart

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