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The Sporting Pitchfork (G)         

The Sporting Pitchfork”  is the second of the well-known “Pitchforks” on the Glackin/Keenan album Doublin’ (1978), the first being “The Rambling Pitchfork” — and the album/CD is a real gem!  While the firstglacking&keenan (double) jig of the set refers to an itinerant farm-laborer, this one refers to a friendly farm-laborer, a sport (however you picture such a person).  Note that this tune is either a Dmix tune that resolves on a G chord, or a G tune that starts on a D chord. I have never found a consensus on this tune among GCBOM backing players. I take the latter view, and have been more successful when getting others to catch on to it that way. Due to its structure it has a certain unresolved feel.   It is in Cranitch’s Irish Session Tunes: Red Book (2000).

For the ABC click Sporting Pitchfork


The Sporting Pitchfork, slow (fiddle, David Agee)

The Sporting Pitchfork, med (fiddle, David Agee)


Sporting Pitchfork

Sporting Pitchfork, Jig in G



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