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Da Rodd ta Houll (D)

“Da Rodd ta Houll” is a Shetland reel in D, also called “Da Road to Hull.” It was written by Shetland fiddler Tom Anderson (1910-1991) who once stated (in dialect): “Dis tun was written in 1936 whin I came up to Unst to visit a schoolmaister friend o’ mine. It happened ‘t dat moarnin wis da prizegiving an I was axed to play at it. I guid fir a walk an da tun cam in me head. Da place I wis walkin ower wis caaed da Houll Road, bit I tocht da Road ta Houll soonded better.”  And I’d argue he was right.  Hull is a place on the small Shetland island of Whalsay, a peat-covered island known by locals as “The Bonnie Isle.” So, notice the proximity relation to the tune “The Bonnie Isle of Whalsay.” This tune is played AABB.

For the ABC click Da Rodd Ta Houll

Da Rodd ta Houll

Da Rodd ta Houll

Da Rodd ta Houll, da doots

Da Rodd Ta Houll

Da Rodd Ta Houll, Reel in D



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