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Toss the Feathers (Dmix)

The Dmix “Toss the Feathers” reel seems to be more popular in Ireland than the Eaeol “Toss the Feathers” reel, and the opposite is true on this side of the pond.  Some people have taken to calling the tunes “Toss the Feathers #1” and “Toss the Feathers #2,” though in general it remains unclear which tune is #1 and which #2.  It’s not too hard to resolve that locally, of course.  Now you might come across even another “Toss the Feathers” reel in Ddor, but it seems to be just a version of the Dmix tune.   Bobby Casey recorded this tune in 1966, and Kevin Burke recorded it in 1973. It has become a very popular tune at most sessions I’ve been to, and shows up in Phil Rubenzer’s Midwestern Irish Session Tunes (2000), as well as a few other tune books.

For the ABC click Toss the Feathers (Dmix)

Toss the Feathers (Dmix), fiddle

Toss the Feathers (Dmix), the dots

Toss the Feathers (Dmix)

Toss the Feathers (Dmix)


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