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Kansas City Hornpipe (D)

The Kansas City Hornpipe was written around 2007 by Fred Morrison on his return trip from the MHAF Winter Storm piping event and workshop held in Kansas City, MO – which is a rapidly growing workshop attracting octopus wrestlers from many and sundry places. Apparently, Morrison was headed home with some others from the workshop and became stranded in Newark due to weather related flight cancellations.  They were able to find a room – which was no mean trick (I was stranded in NYC at the same time).  In the intervening days before getting a new flight he wrote the tune.  However, during one night all were awoken and KCUnionStationquestioned by police concerning two homicides that happened in their hotel that night.  Morrison thought of calling the tune something like “New Jersey Double Homicide” but opted instead for its much better current name.  It is conspicuously absent from the local KC sessions, until now at least.  On youtube you’ll find Fred Morrison (the composer) playing the Kansas City Hornpipe on uilleann pipes for the Transatlantic Sessions accompanied by Bruce Molsky on Banjo.

If you want the ABC for this tune, click Kansas City Hornpipe


/ D Bm / D   / G   D     / G  A / D Bm / D    / D D/F# / G   D : |

D         / Bm  D  /                / G   A / D  G   / D   Bm / D G D A /  G  D : |


Kansas City Hornpipe, Slow Tempo

Kansas City Hornpipe, Med Tempo

Kansas City Hornpipe, 3/4 Tempo



Kansas City Hornpipe

Kansas City Hornpipe


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