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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Mulqueen’s Reel (D)

I learned the reel “Mulqueen’s” from John Bunch, who in turn learned it from Max Becher, husband of Deirdra Wood Becher, of the Wood clan and both members of Hidden Fifth.  A number of people around here have taken to call the tune “Mall Queen.” Another type of Americanization, perhaps.  The tune is played ABAB […]

St. Anne’s Reel (D)

There’s much hear-say about this tune, and it goes like this: As for the name, there is a claim that the title is a reference to the miracle-worker St. Anne (whose name would have been Hannah), the mother of Mary, and so grandmother of Jesus. There’s also a claim that it’s named after a bay which was […]

Ships are Sailing (Edor)

The reel “Ships Are Sailing,” or “Longa Ag Seolad” in Irish, is usually played AABB, but sometimes played ABAB. It has been recorded many, many times.  The Flanagan Brothers do a banjo version on their The Tunes We Like to Play on Paddy’s Day (1930), there’s an interesting solo fiddle version on Bobby Casey’s Casey in […]

Humours of Glendart (D)

This jig is commonly known as both “East of Glendart” and “Humours of Glendart,” so don’t bother correcting anyone who uses either title.  In the west of Cork there is a hamlet called Glendart.  The latter title concerns its “humors” (see note), the former title uses it merely as a geographical reference. I’m pretty sure this is […]

Saddle the Pony (G)

This jig, Cuir Diallaid Air An Clibin in Irish, will be played in Amix as well as G, and is a member of the family of tunes which includes “Buttermilk Mary” (G). A cousin of this tune, the Donegal jig “The Pet in the Kitchen,” has a very similar B part, at least in some versions […]

Earl’s Chair (Edor)

The Earl’s Chair is, in fact, a rock — well, actually, it’s a stone formation — in east Galway (in Derryoober bog).  It was used by the Earl of Clanrickard (or Clanricarde) when resting during hunts, and since that time it has been called “the Earl’s chair.” Though there have been many Earls (and there have […]

Tobin’s Favorite (D)

The jig “Tobin’s Favorite” is #775 in O’Neill’s 1850 (1903) and #52 in O’Neill’s 1001 (1907). The title seems to have been preferred by Capt. O’Neill to the title it was usually called by at the time, namely “Pretty Young Girls for Sale” or “Girls for Sale, the Old Way.” O’Neill was not above changing […]