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Monthly Archives: December 2021

Boys of Ballisodare (G)

This is a popular 3-part reel in G.  Ballisodare is a small town in County Sligo, with an adult (over 20) population of 1389, and about half are male.  At last count, concerning those from babies to 19 years, there are 179 girls, and 186 boys.  So, one might say there are 186 boys of […]

Wind that Shakes the Barley

In addition to this reel, there is a song, a novel, and a movie with the same title title. None bear any close relation to the tune, save the name, the concept of which is itself a deeply ensconced in Irish consciousness. There’s also many-a CD that contains the tune. The song is an Irish […]

Peeler’s Jacket

The title of this tune does not refer to the jacket worn while peeling potatoes, carrots, or cucumbers.  Rather, it is an eponym (not an aptonym!), since part of a person’s name is used to refer to a thing, specifically an occupation; but it is also a synecdoche since one man (a part) is used […]