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The Tempo of a tune is basically the speed of the pulses of a tune.  So you can play a rhythm at a faster or slower tempo.  When learning you should ALWAYS START WITH A SLOWER TEMPO when learning.  Do not begin by playing at a fast tempo.  Doing so will make you into a sloppy player.  For learning, I would suggest you start playing a tune at about 60 BPM or even slower.


Common Féiseanna Dance Tempos:

  • Reels: 112–116
  • Jigs: 112–116
  • Slip Jigs: 112–116
  • Single Jigs: 112–116
  • Traditional Hornpipe: 138–144
  • Oireachtas Hornpipe: 112–116
  • Advanced Beginner Treble Jig: 92
  • Oireachtas Treble Jig: 72–76

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