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Paddy Clancy’s (D)

Another tune with several disparate names.  This jig was recorded, to name a few, by Michael Coleman (1891-1945) in 1928 under this title, by John McKenna (1880-1947) in 1928 with the title “Clancy’s Dream,” by Bobby Casey in 1959 under this title, and by the Bothy Band in the 1970s under this title.  In fact, the Bothy Band’s recording of the set “Tar Road to Sligo / Paddy Clancy’s” has resulted in this becoming a common session set.

Irish Folk Music (1910)

Irish Folk Music: A Fascinating Hobby (1910)

It is unclear just who the “Paddy Clancy” in the title was.  Some think it was Francis O’Neill’s friend Patrick Clancy of New York.  He had a popular orchestra, according to O’Neill, and was perhaps the best Irish fiddler in New York at the time.  O’Neill goes on to say that he was highly professional, fulfilling engagements from start to finish to the minute.  Then he would head to a pub and play for free for until early morning.

Though the tune, or very near versions of it, still go by “Sweet Biddy Daly” — the title in O’Neill’s 1850 (1903) — or “An Irishman’s Heart to the Ladies” the differences are often so slight as to be unnoticeable in a session.   Given that it’s No. 57 in the 1883 publication of Ryan’s Mammoth Collection, No. 13 in Perlman’s 1996 publication of The Fiddle Music of Prince Edward Island, and is still going strong in sessions all over the world, the tune obviously has some incredible staying power.

For the ABC click Paddy Clancy’s Jig

Paddy Clancy’s, slow tempo

Paddy Clancy’s, med tempo

Paddy Clancy’s, the dots

Paddy Clancy's

Paddy Clancy’s, Jig in D

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