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SCTLS Etiquette

 General Session Etiquette  SCTLS Session Etiquette There are two general camps of thinking regarding session etiquette. Many claim (usually those who have grown up in the tradition or around the tradition) that there’s no such thing as session etiquette and it’s silly (not the word normally used) to say that there is. And there are […]

Seisiún Etiquette

A few words about . . . Seisiún Etiquette per request of past Gaelic Roots students By Myron Bretholz At Gaelic Roots, students have the opportunity to meet and play with musicians of their own level and experience. So, Seamus has asked me to put down a few words as a guide for those of you who […]

SlowPlayers Docs

I will be putting up some of the files I inherited and want to keep available.  If you know of updates and would like to have them put up here, please let me know. Here is a list of the slow sessions that were hosted by in the past.  If you want a current […]


The BASS session, for which this page was written, is no longer functioning, and seems to have ended some time after 2004.  I have maintained the information for posterity.  Perhaps someone might restart it!  They used to meet at McGrath’s Irish Pub (1539 Lincoln Avenue, Almeda CA) every Sunday afternoon  from 2:30-6:00, and the regular […]

About Sessions

Content: General Introduction What is a session? About Session Sets What is a slow session? What should I call this music? Session Guidelines General Introduction to Sessions There are lots of kinds of sessions, so the word “session” will mean  different things in different musical contexts.  As I’m using it here it refers to an informal […]