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Jerry’s Beaver Hat (G)

The jig “Jerry’s Beaver Hat,” also known as “The Returned Yank,” is a popular session tune in some areas.  There was a time when beaver hats were much more popular than beavers.  It was not a good time for beavers then.  According to Andrew Kitchener’s Beavers (2002), there are only two species of beavers: the European and the American. The European beaver is larger than the American beaver, but was hunted to extinction in England, and near extinction in most of Europe and Eurasia.  The American beaver has been reintroduced in England, Scotland, and Wales. There have never been beavers in Ireland. This tune is in O’Neill’s 1001 (1903), and so probably refers to the nineteenth century penchant for American beaver hats.



Jerry’s Beaver Hat, slow tempo



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