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I will be putting up some of the files I inherited and want to keep available.  If you know of updates and would like to have them put up here, please let me know. Here is a list of the slow sessions that were hosted by slowplayers.org in the past.  If you want a current list of sessions in California click here.  If you want a list of sessions elsewhere in North America, click here.  Also, you can search for sessions in your area if you join thesession.org.

    • BASS – Bay Area Slow Sessions, California
    • BOSS – Boston Original Slow Session, Massachusetts
    • CKSP – Cooley-Keegan Slow Players, California
    • SCTLS – Small Circle Tune Learning Sessions, Colorado
    • MPSP – Mid-Peninsula Slow Players, California
    • EBSP — East Bay Slow Players, California
    • SBSP — South Bay Slow Players, California


BASS — Bay Area Slow Sessions (CA)

BOSS — Boston Original Slow Session (MA)

CKSP - Cooley-Keegan Slow Players (CA)

SCTLS – Small Circle Tune Learning Session (CO)



MPSP — Mid-Peninsula Slow Players (CA)

EBSP — East Bay Slow Players (CA)

2008 was the last year I have information about this group.

SBSP — South Bay Slow Players (CA)

Disbanded in December, 2002.




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